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26th-Aug-2008 04:09 pm - Being a Chauffeur and Liking It
I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHOOOOOO. So yes, today, my mother set me free.
In the morning, I drove Grace to school for registration by myself, first time in my life and it was great. Finally, I had total control over where I wanted to go. You see, my father is a complete backseat driver and my mother has heart attacks when I plan out my own routes to get somewhere and it doesn't follow her usual paths. *headache* Anyway, at Grace's registration, the little middle school children in the front asked if we needed papers for two people! =O And I was like, "Excuse me, what are you implying litto gurl??? I'll have you know that I am her guardian right now." >:| Is it because Grace is almost as tall as me? >_> Oh well. Maybe it's because I'm so youthful-looking. u___u So after registration, I drove to Cue because Grace wanted some pictures for a project, but when we got there, it wasn't open yet so we just went to the Humane Society without my mother's knowledge. *__< In the Puppy and Kitty Ward, there were only puppies and they were BARKING BARKING BARKING and I don't really know how to interact with dogs since I always think they're gonna bite off my hand when they're jumping and barking. :( The kitties were much calmer and so cute! The first time I went to the Humane Society, there were cages that had kittens that could be opened so we could pick them up, but I couldn't look for that particular room since I didn't want us to be gone so long that my mom would suspect something. Well, then we went home, ate, and left again around 1 pm. Without my mother's knowledge (again hehehe) we went to Jamba Juice and then we went to Cue. We spent like $16 but it was pretty fun since Grace had never been there and it was like this whole world of fobbiness that she never knew existed. However, they have gotten more expensive now. The cheapest machine is $6 and there are more $9/$10 machines. :[

Now I'm home again after completing all these evil deeds. 8]

Oh yesterday, my parents bought a full/full bunk bed for me and Grace so our room could hold more stuff. It's pretty cool. Also yesterday, I was at dim sum with my fam and my daddy was talking to the manager guy who was like, "Oh, your daughters haven't started school yet?" Then my dad was like, "Not yet. It's next week." And I turned to Grace and I was like, "PSH Wtheck is he talking about? School doesn't start next ...." O_O "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kinda depressing story. I forgot about that until now ... :(
21st-Aug-2008 12:20 pm - RIP Lee Eon
modern yaki?
OMG. I cannot believe Lee Eon has died. He was so great and lovable in Coffee Prince, and I admit that's mostly all I know him from, but he is unforgettable. I still remember the scene where he pressed the karaoke machine in the air and pretended to sing. ;_________; I can't believe he's gone.
29th-Jul-2008 04:13 pm - 5.4 Quake
Eek. The earthquake this morning was pretttty freaky. I was asleep at the time (no surprise there) and I remember the whole room shaking. I kinda just held onto my pillow as it started, being in the middle of a dream and practically unconscious and all. But then I heard my mother yelling at me and Grace to get downstairs. So yeah, that's basically how the whole neighborhood saw me in all my groggy, messed-up hairness ._____. Yup. Hope everyone's okay.

Driving test on Friday.
6th-Jul-2008 06:55 pm - Busy Weekend
Time to update! This weekend was an eventful one. ^____^

- Thursday July 3rd
After summer school and yum cha, I picked up Debra and we went to Nicole's new house. It was nice and big. After a tour, we made some hot dogs and enjoyed a picnic in her backyard while chit-chattin. Then, we felt the urge to move so we went outside and walked ALL the way to Albertson's. After wandering around and cooling down, bought some s'mores ingredients and rushed home. In our earnestness, we took a street that turned instead of going straight and we had to walk a terribly long way back to her house. It was TORTURE!!! >_<" Well, actually at the end, it was pretty funny when Nicole started becoming delirious. XD And when Debra had to leave, the chocolate of Nicole's s'more was dripping down her hand and her "OH NOSIES!" caused everyone from her to the door to turn and stare at her. LOL.

- Friday July 4th
Woke up at like 7 to go to the San Gabriel July 4th Celebration and Kids Parade. Cut watermelons. Well, actually I couldn't because of my fear of knives, but me and Jackie arranged the slices on trays. XP Crazy girl Carolyn freaked me out with her knife-wielding skills! Waving it around and shrieking, my goodness. Then, 2 accidents with Nicole and Carmen both cutting themselves. O_O *heart attack* As the event started, we decided to walk around. LOL. There was the incident with Nicole and the Uncle Sam on stilts. Even though he turned around and walked away when she was planning to take a picture of him, she did wave her flip-flop in anger at him. I mean, cmon, that is just unforgivable, Nicole. -__- Then we stopped by the sno-cone booth and the balloon lady who made us flower bracelets! They were lovely. *_* We saw lots of little dogs, but I was unable to pet any. :( There were also a bunch of Asian protesters there complaining about Councilmember Albert Huang who supposedly stole money from the city. D: D: D: I am very disappointed; he gave me advice about life! Well, aside from that, the rest of the thing was fun. Then, Nicole took me home in the afternoon and I took a shower because I felt like a dirty beast. Afterwards, I convinced my mom to get a haircut because she really needed one so we drove around looking for open salons. After that, we went around Temple City, going to Rite Aid and 99 Cents buying plants and hair dye. Went home and ate dinner. At 8:30, my neighbor directed my mom to her friend's house in Monterey Park to watch fireworks. We went up and down many hills and I was afraid our car couldn't handle it! ;___; The guy's house was on a hill and I constantly felt like I was gonna slide off the earth, but it was cool being so high. The view was nice and since I broke the camera (;_____;) I had to use my cellie. They turned out okay, I guess.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

- Saturday July 5th
Got woken up at 9 because my dad needed help emailing something. -____-; Then, since I was up, my mom rallied me and Grace to go on a walk so we walked all the way to Smith Park and around to our old house and back. You know, walks in the summer should either be early morning or evening because that was torture. >___<" After that, yum cha at Triumphal Palace where we saw a cockroach! EEK. It crawled into the curtains and we told the manager, who took a napkin and tried to catch it. Tsk tsk. Well, then we went to Costco and Best Buy, where I had a hard time deciding between Harvest Moon DS Cute and Cooking Mama 2. Unfortunately, ended up getting neither. D; Went home and fell asleep. Then, my mom woke me up at 4:30 because she wanted to look at an Open House on Broadway which was ending at 5. @_@ It was a niiiiice Italian-style townhouse with high ceilings and big windows. The only one I liked was the front one though, cause it was so big. The middle ones faced each other--not as cool.

- Sunday July 6th
Work day. Finished homework. Uploaded half a thousand pictures, messed around with my phone. Lounged around.

That's all.
30th-Jun-2008 10:09 pm(no subject)
That William.

Poor Steven!
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